The City of Richwood operates under the City Council/Mayoral  form of government.

Richwood City Hall and entrance to Water Department

City Hall, showing entrance to Water Department

Bob Henry Baber is the current Mayor.  Your City Council consists of a mayor and eight city council members, who serve two year staggered terms, and are elected on a “Ward” basis. You may contact any and all of your elected officials as described below

The City Council

Council Area Served
Bob Henry Baber, Mayor City wide
Chris Drennen, Recorder City wide
Ann Spencer Ward One
 Chuck Toussieng Ward One
Chris McKenzie Ward Two
Glen Weiler Ward Two
Britt Nicholas Ward Three
James Vannoy Ward Three
Sherry Chapman Ward Four
Robin Brown Ward Four

All correspondence and/or communication should be directed to the appropriate City Council member. Contact information for the City of Richwood:

Richwood City Hall
6 White Avenue
Richwood, WV 26261
Phone: 304-846-2596

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