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City Services


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The City of Richwood provides the following services to residents:

Heavy Trash, Brush and Limb Pick Up

Heavy trash pickup is the first Wednesday of every month and is completed when every street is picked up once. We ask that each resident must have their items out to the street by Monday. Once the crews have gone down your street, they will not return.

Brush/limb pickup is the [example: first Monday of the month].

Building materials, such as roofing shingles, concrete, bricks or other construction debris will not be picked up. Tree limbs and brush cut by contractors also will not be picked up.

By City Ordinance, all large trash items may be placed by the roadside no more than a week before pickup.

Oversize loads shall be picked up for an additional fee. An over-sized load is defined as over 128 cubic feet of debris or over 12 bags of leaves or grass clippings (or approximately the size of the bed for a normal size pickup truck). This includes yard debris or household debris and shall be assessed at a rate of $5.00 per cubic yard with a $30.00 minimum. Such charges will be assessed on the next city utility bill.

Please Note: Cut tree trunks and limbs into lengths of 4 feet and stack separately. If trunks and limbs are not cut to these lengths, Waste Management will NOT PICK UP, as it is becoming increasingly difficult to handle longer lengths.

Also, Waste Management will not pick up any freezers, refrigerators or air conditioners unless they are tagged by a certified technician that the freon has been properly removed.

Waste Management will not pick up tires or batteries.

If you have further questions, contact City Hall: 304-846-2596

New Water Service

To set up new residential service, please come to the water department at Richwood City Hall. The water deposit is a minimum of $50.00 if you’re buying or $75.00 if you are renting.

We accept cash, check or money order for your deposit. Bring your driver’s license and social security card. We offer same-day service or you are always welcome to set up service in advance. At the time of set up, you will receive information about your trash and recycling days.

You are welcome to print out the Application for Water Service fill it in and bring it to City Hall with your deposit.

Water Conservation

In the Bathroom:

1. Take a five minute shower instead of a bath.
Amount saved: 15 gallons per shower
2. Don’t use toilets as a wastebasket, flush only when you need to.
Amount saved: 12 or more gallons per day
3. When brushing teeth, use a glassful of water instead of running the tap.
Amount saved: 3 or more gallons per brushing.
4. When taking a bath, don’t run the water without closing the drain first. The warm water that comes after running the tap for a while will take care of that first cold burst of water.

In the Kitchen:

1. When washing dishes by hand, fill up the sink with soap and water instead of running the water the whole time. Amount saved: 25 gallons per load
2. Keep a pitcher of water in the refrigerator when you want a drink instead of running the tap until the water cools. Amount saved: 2 gallons per drink
3. Thaw frozen foods in the refrigerator, not under running tap water. Amount saved: 5 or more gallons per meal
4. Start a compost pile as an alternative to using a kitchen sink garbage disposal.

Outside around your home:

1. Water your lawn during the early morning hours when there are low temperatures and low winds. This reduces the amount of water you lose from evaporation.
2. Position your sprinklers to water only the lawn, not the sidewalk or street.
3. Don’t waste water hosing down your driveway or sidewalk.
Amount saved: 25 gallons every five minutes not using hose
4. Drive your car over your lawn when washing to save on watering it, or use a commercial car wash that recycles water.
5. Don’t over water your lawn during the summer, as a general rule it only needs to be watered every 5-7 days during this time.

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