Agendas, Minutes and Video of Council Meetings

Agendas, Minutes and Video of Council Meetings

Video of City Council Meetings

Below is a video of the City Council Meeting held on March 16, 2017.

Richwood Council Meeting – March 16, 2017 from SCTV Summersville on Vimeo.

Below, are Agendas and Minutes of City Council (Common Council Agenda), Finance Committee and Water Board Committee meetings. These documents are in PDF format (so that they cannot be modified).  You must have a PDF reader on your computer to view these documents.  If you are using a computer that does not have Windows 8 or 10, you must download and install a PDF Reader.  You can download the Adobe PDF Reader from the link provided below:

Agendas and Minutes for May, 2017

City Council Meeting Agenda May 11, 2017

Finance Committee Agenda May 11, 2017

Nuisance Property Agenda-May 22, 2017

Richwood Building Committee Agenda May 22, 2017

Agendas and Minutes for April, 2017

Common Council Agenda for 4-6-2017

Common Council Agenda for 4-20-2017

Nuisance Property Committee Agenda for 4-3-2017

Nuisance Property Committee Agenda for 4-24-2017

Water Board Agenda for 4-20-2017

Agendas and Minutes for March, 2017

Common Council Agenda for 3-16-2017

Water Board Agenda  for  3-16-2017

Common Council Agenda for 3_2_2017

Agendas and Minutes for February, 2017

Council Ordinance Committee Agenda for Feb 27, 2017

Nuisance Property Committee Agenda for Feb 27 2017

Richwood Building Committee Agenda for Feb 27 2017

Common Council Meeting Agenda 2-16-2017

Minutes of Common Council Meeting held 2-2-2017

Minutes of Emergency Common Council Meeting held 2-3- 2017

Common Council Agenda 2-2- 2017

Water Board Meeting 2-16-2017

Minutes of Water Board Meeting held 1-19-2017

Ordinance Committe Agenda 2-21-2017

Agendas For  January, 2017

Common Council Agenda 1-5-17

Agendas for December:

Common Council Agenda 12-1-2016

Common Council Agenda 12-15-2016

Finance Committee Agenda 12-1-2016

 Agendas for November, 2016

Common Council Meeting Agenda 11-2-2016

Common Council Agenda 11-17-2016

Finance Committee Agenda 11-2-2016

Water Board Minutes 11-17-2016

 Agendas for October, 2016

Common Council Agenda 10-13-2016

Common Council Agenda 10-20-2016

Finance Committee Agenda 10-12-2016

Water Board Meeting Minutes 10-20-2016

 Agendas for September, 2016

Common Council Agenda 9-1-2016

Common Council Agenda 9-22-2016

Finance Committee Agenda 9-1-2016

Water Board Minutes 9-15-2016

Agendas for August 2016

Agenda Regular 8-11-2016

Finance Committee Meeting 8-9-2016

August 9th Water Board Mtg Draft

Finance Committee  Agenda 8-20-2016

Water Board Minutes 8-11-2016